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Things to do in October

Oct 15, 2022

Things to do in October



It’s definitely been a beautiful season for trying out new things! How’s your fall season going so far? We’ve got a fun mix of indoor and outdoor activities you could try to make the most out of the cozy weather! 

Watch spooky movies. If you don’t feel like going out today, microwave some popcorn and watch a spooky movie. The scarier the better to get you excited to go out into the day for… 

Resin art making. Enjoy everything nature has to offer this season with resin art making! You could maybe even decorate your old pickleball paddle with some leaves, then hang them as decor. This will totally elevate the fall ambiance! 

Pickleball shopping. Get that dopamine boost when you click add to cart and check out our newest releases – the classic and signature 4-pack paddles

Thrifting. Thrift shops are home to some of the best Halloween costumes! A piece for upcycling may even be ready for you. Orrr just go thrifting for the sake of satisfying the inner fashionista on a budget. 💅 

Tried anything new you wanna share? Sound out your ideas on our Facebook page and see what other fun things the pickleball community has been up to! 

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