We were into pickleball before all the cool kids :) 

Seriously, we’ve been in LOVE with pickleball since 2016. Call us the OGs of the new wave of pickleball. The sport actually started in 1965.

But we digress.

Our specialty is producing pickleball paddles and gear for newbies and weekend warriors all the way to experienced players with dreams of competing in Major League Pickleball.

We’re on a mission to grow this glorious game through premium products at fair prices. It’s super simple.

Everything we do centers around our customers, so drop us a line to share your feedback or say hello. We also share AMAZIN’ pickleball tips, tricks, and inspo on social media - follow along at @amazinacespickleball.

     — The Amazin' Aces Team
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P.S. We've also got a Facebook group with over 17k members called Pickleball for Beginners, where pickleballers share tips and tricks to level up! Think of this group as your private instructor who offers you giveaways and discounts on products. Happy pickleballing!