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Feb 09, 2023



Ace (verb) – A serve that is so epic, the opponent cannot return it and a point is won.

Here at Amazin’ Aces, we’re going back to basics. We proudly wear ace in our name because we craft premium pickleball paddles at a modest price point to give everyone the chance to ace in the games they play.  


We like to consider ourselves the OGs of pickleball. The sport, however, was really invented in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, Washington when dads Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell wanted to entertain their family with a game of badminton. Upon reaching the court, they realized there were not enough rackets available. The dads decided to improvise using ping pong paddles and a wiffle ball – and hence the amazing game of pickleball was born. This sport has continued to grow and we proudly joined the new wave of enthusiasts in 2016 and stay devoted pickleball fanatics and encourage everyone to play and ace the game – masters and beginners alike. Bainbridge Island was the spot to be for Seattleites looking for a summer getaway. Included in our recently launched City Series collection is our Seattle paddle, honoring the city in which pickleball has become the most popular pickleball spot since the sport originated.  


It’s quite simple, but as a refresher here is a brief summary of the rules of the game:

  • Begin by serving at the baseline
  • Ball may bounce only once on each side of the court
  • Ball must stay inside the lines 
  • The ball cannot land in the no-volley zone (aka the kitchen)
  • Score 11 points to win (must win by 2 points)

As quite possibly the biggest fans of pickleball, we want to equip you with all the gear you need to ace all day. Whether you’re new to the sport or have tons of experience competing in Major League Pickleball, we have the perfect paddle for you. 

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