Meet the City Series Collection. Our designers created a very special collection that highlights and celebrates the cities that make pickleball the ever-growing, fun-loving pickleball community it is today – meet our Austin, Seattle, and San Diego paddles! Each paddle is intentionally designed with a map of the city overlayed with colors and designs inspired by each city.

Whether you’re from these cities, love to travel to them, or just love their aesthetics, the colors and artwork of these paddles are designed to be enjoyed by all.


Austin: known for Matthew McConaughey, year-round patios, and a variety of places to play, both private and public, from city courts to adult amusement parks. 


Incredible vistas, close to the place where the game got its start, and plenty of paces to play, both indoors and outdoors. 


San Diego: pickleball with the background music of Pacific Ocean waves. Our community raves about the welcoming and friendly scene for newcomers and old-timers alike.

We’re based in Austin, TX! That means our team was extra thrilled about this launch. Catch us out at South Austin Rec Center or Little Zilker rocking these paddles. We hope to see you on the courts in person or on social media.

Use #amazinaces and tag us at @amazinacespickleball so we can cheer you on wherever you are! See you on the court!

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