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Pickleball Gift Guide

Dec 06, 2019

Pickleball Gift Guide

The countdown to Christmas starts now, and we’re ready to start checking off your pickleball gift list. Whether you are gifting things to yourself or another pickleball player, we have the ultimate pickleball gift guide.

Grab your list, check it twice, and let’s start gifting!

Portable Pickleball Net


Setting up a temporary pickleball court during your travels or in your backyard is a breeze thanks to our portable pickleball net. The Amazin’ Aces portable pickleball net is easy to assemble due to its easy-snap metal frame, and a carrying bag is included for easy storing or traveling.

The net meets USAPA regulation size and weighs 22 pounds. To finish your temporary pickleball court, check out ways to set up your court lines


GAMMA Supreme Pickleball Overgrip

While playing pickleball, comfort plays a huge role. Provide the gift of comfort by gifting a Gamma Supreme Pickleball Overgrip this holiday season. 

The overgrip applies easily over any paddle’s original grip. This Gamma grip is used to add color and traction while increasing control and moisture-absorbency. 

Each pack comes with three overgrips, and you have a choice between five colors and patterns — there is even a Christmas style grip to keep you festive all season long. 


Amazin’ Aces “SIGNATURE” Pickleball Paddle Set

A pickleball paddle gift set is the perfect present for any pickleball player. The Amazin’ Aces paddle set includes two SIGNATURE paddles, two paddle covers, four pickleball balls, a drawstring bag, “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Pickleball” e-book, and a one-year warranty.

The SIGNATURE paddle is made with a polymer honeycomb core with vibration dampening technology. Due to its graphite face, the paddle has a good blend of power and touch. Plus, an edge guard is attached to each paddle.

All of the paddles and balls are USAPA approved, and you have the option of four paddle color choices. 


USAPA Partners Shirt

Gift the joy of supporting all of your family and friends during a USAPA tournament with a USAPA partner’s shirt. 

Each shirt has a choice of size, color, and style. Plus, you can stand out from everyone by adding a monogram, name, or saying to any shirt.


Amazin’ Aces Wood Pickleball Set

Are you looking to donate some pickleball gear to a school, community center, athletic club, or even a retirement home? Look no further than this Amazin’ Aces Wood Pickleball Set!

This set comes with four wood pickleball paddles and four pickleball balls — perfect for any singles or doubles match. The pickleball paddles are made from 7-ply maple wood construction and include a cushion grip and wrist strap. 


Pickleball Tutor

What better way to spread the love of pickleball than by gifting a Pickleball Tutor to help players practice playing pickleball.

The Pickleball Tutor is a machine that shoots out pickleballs for players to practice their hits. Pickleballs can be programmed to fire up to 60 miles per hour at one to ten-second intervals. The machine can hold up to 125 balls at a time, and there’s the option of oscillating or non-oscillating models. 

Included with the Pickleball Tutor are a lightweight tow cart and a three-year warranty. The machine is battery or AC operated, and the battery can last up to three hours while being used. You can customize the Pickleball Tutor with different add-ons as well.


Amazin’ Aces “Cambria” Pickleball Paddle

If you know someone ready to start playing in pickleball tournaments, gift them an Amazin’ Aces Cambria pickleball paddle. This paddle is a pro-series paddle that is USAPA approved to make any player tournament ready. 

The pickleball paddle has an advanced polymer 2.0 honeycomb core that provides amazing touch and power. The paddle’s face is made from vinyl and polycarbonate, and the paddle has a Gamma grip.

This paddle is perfect for beginners and advanced players. And, if anything happens to the paddle, it has a one-year warranty.


Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball

We can’t forget about pickleballs — they make the perfect holiday gift. Onix Fuse Indoor pickleballs come in yellow or orange, and you can either get a three, six, or twelve-count set. These balls retain a soft and smooth touch and are highly visible thanks to its bright color.  Plus, these pickleballs are USAPA approved.

TOP Outdoor Pickleball

Now that you know giftable indoor pickleballs, we can’t forget about outdoor pickleballs. TOP outdoor pickleball balls are durable and seamless — they are made out of hard plastic that was rotationally molded meaning that the balls’ internal surface is smooth and has even wall thickness. Each pickleball ball has 40 holes on the outside.


Premium Pickleball Backpack

For someone who participates in many pickleball tournaments, a premium pickleball backpack is just what they need. 

This backpack is designed specifically for pickleball players, and it can hold up to four paddles in the inside pocket. On the side of the bag, there is a pickleball holder that can hold up to four pickleballs. The backpack also has multiple pockets for extra storage. 

With the help of this ultimate pickleball gift guide, it’s time to get shopping, wrapping, and giving. Enjoy this holiday season by spending time with family and friends — and, of course, playing pickleball.



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