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Choosing The Correct Outdoor Pickleball

Dec 11, 2017

Choosing The Correct Outdoor Pickleball

Like any other sport, there are a vast array of options when it comes to the equipment you use in pickleball. Some players have very specific preferences pertaining to the pickleball they use, especially when playing outdoors.

Outdoor balls are designed with the impact of the elements in mind. Although they all differ, common features of outdoor pickleballs include smaller holes for wind-resistance and tougher plastic for bounce and durability. Check out some of our recommendations below on the best outdoor pickleball.

Dura Fast 40 This ball is the original outdoor pickleball created by Pickleball Inc, the founders of the sport. It has been a trusted outdoor ball for years and is recognized as the official ball for the USAPA National Championships and the US Open Pickleball Championships. The Dura is heavier and larger than the Onix 2 and Franklin X-40 and has holes that are drilled in two different sizes to improve aerodynamics. The harder plastic gives the ball more of a pop and a nice bounce, but these balls are also known to crack faster than some of their competitors.

Onix 2 The Onix two is another often used ball and differentiates itself through a few key features. Unlike other balls, it is created with holes that are all the same size to promote longer lasting use. The ball is also known to be quieter than others and is more lightweight with a softer feel when it hits the paddle. One potential downside is that this ball might not perform as well in windy conditions due to its lightweight.

Franklin X-40 One of the newer pickleballs to compete in the market, the Franklin X-40 includes some of the best characteristics of both the Onix and the Dura. It is heavy much like the Dura which allows it to bounce nicely but like the Onix, it feels a bit more muffled when hit and can have a slower velocity coming off the paddle. Additionally, the X-40 is created with a seamless single-piece design so it is smooth inside and out for increased durability. If you are looking for a fine balance of durability, bounce, and pop off the paddle this is the ball for you.

There are many good options for outdoor pickleballs out there, and we recommend experimenting with all of them to find which one suits your game best. We are also proud to announce that Amazin’ Aces is working on creating our own top of the line pickleball so stay tuned for our product launch! Happy pickleballing!

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