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Advanced Pickleball Strategy: 2 Tips To Improve Your Game

Jan 16, 2018

Advanced Pickleball Strategy: 2 Tips To Improve Your Game

If you have a wholesome knowledge of the rules of the game, and can very consistently hit your entire arsenal of shots with control and power, it is time to take a look at some more advanced techniques. Here are a few things to consider working on that will help take your game to the top tier.

Implement Spin Being able to manipulate your service returns with different types of spin will keep your opponents unsure and give you a huge advantage. The first kind of spin that is common is topspin. Often used in tennis, this technique is much easier on your forehand side and requires changing your swing from a flat one to one that is a low-to-high arc with your paddle face angled slightly forward. The advantage of topspin is that it travels lower and faster off the bounce which can keep your opponents stuck at the baseline while you move up. Below is a slow-motion video of the correct technique.


The opposite of topspin is backspin and similar concepts apply for creating backspin. Angle the top of your paddle slightly back and make the arc of your swing more high-to-low. This backspin shot, also known as the slice, makes the ball move unexpectedly slow and could be compared to a changeup pitch in baseball. It is a good change of pace shot that can force your opponent into a poor position and allow for more time to move up to the net. Here is a similar video on how to slice.


Advanced Doubles Strategies In more competitive environments, players often plan to use poaching and stacking techniques to gain an advantage. Poaching is when the stronger player may come across the court and hit a ball that was originally going to their partner. If your opponents are hitting predictable shots often, you should be able to anticipate it and step across to poach the ball. Make sure to communicate with your partner about this and ensure that they are ready to cover the empty space you leave behind you as you poach.

Stacking is a simple strategy and means that one player is right-handed and the other is a lefty. The advantage in this that both players will be able to take shots down the middle with their forehand, which is a higher percentage shot for most players. Once again it is important to communicate about who will be taking shots hit over the middle to avoid collisions or missed returns.

We hope after reading these tips that you are excited to step your game up a notch and impress your peers. If the players around you aren’t as knowledgeable about these techniques, help them out and let them know! The game is the most fun when everyone involved is getting better. Have you found success in using any of these strategies? Join the discussion and comment below which one has helped you the most!

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  • Lisa
    May 20, 2019 at 13:48

    Got news for you. A topspin forehand has spin on it. Scott Moore hits a flat ball with the continental grip. Topspin is imparting spin by brushing up not slapping it flat.


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