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Jul 01, 2022


Avoid tripping during the most crucial parts of the game with a few modifications in your steps. Read on below to see what you can do to improve your footwork! 

Shuffling. Do quick shuffling routines covering both sidelines, sideline to center line, and all the way back from the baseline going up the center line and sidelines of the pickleball court. Focus on being light on your feet, lifting your hips, and lessening the weight on each ankle as you shuffle. To quote Sarah Ansboury, a Pickleball coach, imagine having buttons on your big toes, and press both of them down to help you stay on your toes. 


Figure 8s.  You’ll need two objects, like cones or water bottles, that you can place on both sides of the serving area near the centerline. Starting from one side, run up to the other object/cone, stop your feet to “receive” a shot, and go back to your side by running around the cone/object in front of you instead of just behind it. Repeat the same steps to the other side to help build better coordination when moving from both sides of the court! 


Figure 8s

Split-steps.  Keep a wide stance with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, then push yourself high off the ground. When you land, practice running sideways, then forward, or back. Split-steps are perfect for when you’re defending, doing the drop shot, or when you’re further back in the court and you have to cover a lot of space.


Split steps



Now that's covered, go check out this post on our Facebook group for the visual instructions! 

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