Hello Pickleballers! Starting with the game of pickleball is tons of fun. It can be even more fun if you remember some quick tips to help you get up the learning curve fast. Below are the top 10 mistakes we see beginner pickleball players making. Focus on eliminating these from your game and you'll be a much more effective pickleball player!

  1. Miss/fault on your serve - you can't win the point if you can't get the ball into play! 
  2. Miss your return of your opponent's serve - instead, make a high percentage return versus going for a 'hero shot'! 
  3. Not letting your opponents out shots go out. Ensure you have court awareness so you don't hit a shot that is going out!
  4. When faced with a difficult shot from your opponent, try to be too precise with the return. Better to hit a high percentage shot and make the return. Being defensive is okay!
  5. When playing doubles, take the shot on your backhand instead of deferring to your partner and his/her stronger forehand shot 
  6. Lose your focus and become angry at your partner. A (pickleball) house divided cannot stand!
  7. Do not focus on keeping the ball at your opponents feet as much as possible. 
  8. Poor court positioning and awareness - do not play up to the no volley zone line. 
  9. Focus on power at the expense of placement. A shot with normal pace that is well placed can be more effective than going for power!
  10. Going for the hero shots down the lines instead of simply hitting down the middle of the court between your opponents.